Patient Education

Most people experience stress and anxiety during dental visits. Knowledge of the procedures is one of the best tools available to alleviate anxiety and apprehension, therefore, as a service to our patients we have developed a website for patient-education.
We believe that a well informed patient is more comfortable and at ease during dental treatments. Understanding procedures and their benefits helps patients be in control, and make intelligent choices regarding their dental care. An individual can be assured that their therapy is being performed with best training, equipment, and materials.

Commonly Asked Questions

Among the dentist's recommendations, which treatments are absolutely necessary? Which are elective? Which are cosmetic? Which procedures are urgently needed, and which ones are less urgent?


The Dental Glossary

These terms are provided for your benefit, so that you can communicate effectively with your dentist, and to help you make your choices regarding dental health more educated.


Dental Talks is a website sponsored by Westgate Dental Arts in order to educate patients and provide valuable information.